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Large Lakers Lurk

Big & fat lakers are the result of conservation policies that protect fishing for generations to come.

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Great Dates Still Available | Treeline Lodge, Manitoba

Treeline Lodge is just one of the many ways to experience Nueltin Fly-In Lodges. Call or email Nueltin today. 1-800-361-7177

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Monster Pike are Plentiful

Sharking the shallows in constant competition with the countless other monsters lurking nearby, the lone pike circles its territory.

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Making Memories

An adventure a boy will never forget.

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Released to Fight Another Day

Catch and release since 1978, Nueltin works hard to protect the natural resource.

Wilderness Location for Fly-in Fishing
Welcome to the Big League
Best of Northern Hospitality
Comfort and Service in the Wilderness
Welcome to the Big League


Nueltin Fly-In Lodges - A Unique Opportunity!

Nueltin operates exclusively on over 14,000 square miles (9 million+ acres!)of pure sub-Arctic wilderness. Perhaps the largest tourism resource allocation in Canada this pristine wilderness property has not been on the market for over a quarter century. Featuring private deeded land (including a 5,200 ft. runway) in the middle of one of Canada’s newest Provincial Parks on the border of Manitoba and Nunavut!

Canada’s largest Lake Trout, Northern Pike and Arctic Grayling are found on “Canada’s Original Catch and Release Lake since 1978”! The fishing and hunting are unparalleled. Two Barren Ground Caribou herds migrate directly through this territory. The Qamanirjiauq & Beverly herds are the last remaining large Herds of Caribou left in Canada & Nueltin Lake area has been their traditional migration routes for thousands of years. Massive Moose and Black Bear complete this hunting experience!

Elite clientele enjoy first class accommodation at two luxurious lodges, 3 mini-lodges and 9 outpost camps. Luxurious lodges feature private bath, modern facilities, A/V equipment, satellite phones, television, high-speed wireless Internet and warm fireplaces along with top shelf complimentary bar. An additional 12 sites throughout this massive territory offer day fly outs for those seeking unrivaled adventure! Aircraft and freight forwarding facilities at the end of the nearest road are included in this opportunity.

Fly direct from Winnipeg to the private Airstrip on South Nueltin. Experienced staff provides first class service. This turnkey operation has proven itself as a revenue-generating machine for over 25 years! Nueltin offers extensive opportunities for sustainable expansion. Confidentiality agreement required.

Interested parties should contact for detailed information.

Watch Our Website For Future Updates on “Canada’s Original Catch & Release Lake"


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Trout Fishing Tips for Landing Monster Trout

[Posted 14 November 2013 by Gary Gurke]

If you've never fished trout, don't expect to cast your line in and pull back a trophy on the first try. Trout fishing requires practice and skill, just like any other endeavor worth pursuing. Fishing -- especially for the mythical monster trout -- is a game of patience and know-how that takes time, trial and error to master.

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Trout Fishing - Kid holding rainbow trout

For the Best Trout Fishing, Come to Nueltin Fly-In Lodges

Nueltin Fly-In Lodges is considered one of the best places in Canada for trophy Lake Trout, Northern Pike and Arctic Grayling fishing. We are one of Canada’s original catch and release lodges, and we do everything possible to ensure you that you will enjoy a first-class Canadian wilderness experience. The Gurke Family runs Nueltin Fly-In Lodges and they have spent the past 25 years in the Canadian Angling Tourism Industry. We invite you to come and fish in the pristine waters of Nueltin Lake for the trophy trout you always wanted. With world-class staff, facilities, equipment and expertise, you cannot go wrong with us. Make your fishing dreams come true today at Nueltin.

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Fishing Lodges - Fishing lodge by the river

Nueltin Fly-In Fishing Lodges Offer You a True Wilderness Experience

When you want a true wilderness experience at your choice of fishing lodges, choose Nueltin Fly-In Lodges. We operate our lodge on the border of Northern Manitoba and Nunavut and are continually up to the task of meeting any challenge. By listening to our loyal customers, we have created world-class facilities in a land that is truly a paradise for Canadian sub-Arctic anglers. We have five lodges as well as an ever-changing number of remote cabins. Our lodges and cabins are strategically placed near 14,000 square miles of unspoiled Canadian sub-Arctic wilderness. Come to our premier lodges for the greatest fishing adventure of your life.

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Fishing Vacation - father on fishing vacation with son

Take the Fishing Vacation of a Lifetime at Nueltin Fly-In Lodges

Ever wanted to take a wondrous fishing vacation in the Canadian wilderness? You can at Nueltin Fly-In Lodges! Run by the Gurke family, our lodges provide anglers with access to over 14,000 square miles of untamed wilderness. You can fish for Lake Trout, Northern Pike or Arctic Grayling at Nueltin Lake or you can allow our professional fishing guides to take you to those little-known places in and around the area. Additionally, we offer top-notch service with our trained professional staff, organization at a high level, the best equipment, superb facilities and great fishing. Visit Nueltin Fly-In Lodges today and get started on what could be the greatest adventure of your life.

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Caribou Hunting - Caribou on top of a hill

For a Caribou Hunting Adventure You Will Never Forget, Come to Nueltin Fly-In Lodges

There is hardly anything more exciting than a caribou hunting adventure. Not many places offer such an escapade, but at Nueltin Fly-In Lodges, you can participate in the Caribou hunt of a lifetime! We base our Caribou hunts out of our world famous Treeline Lodge. You can access 7,000 square miles of pristine wilderness, which is literally right out your back door. There is about 110 miles of wilderness that runs along the Manitoba/Nunavut border. Two herds are available for our hunters - the Qamanirjuaq and the Beverly Herd. Regardless of how you stay here, you will have an adventure that you will never forget.

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