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  • Non-Resident Hunts Available
  • Practice Ecological Development/Conservation
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  • Access to 7,000 Square Miles of Wilderness
  • Hunt 2 Herds – Qamanirjuaq and Beverly Herd

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Doug and I had a really good week the end of June with 22 trophies caught for the week.

We had a great time at windy last week. pike fishing was very good as was the grayling fishing.

Hi Shawn, well needless to say I must Thank You and your Family very much for a most enjoyable trip!

Go on a Hunting Adventure for Caribou with Nueltin Fly-in Lodges

Nueltin Fly-In Lodges invites you to partake in one of the most exciting adventures you will ever participate in - Caribou hunting. We base our Caribou hunts out of the world-famous Treeline Lodge and hunters can enjoy access to 7,000 square miles of wilderness. You can hunt two types of herds - the Qamanirjuaq and the Beverly Herd. These herds migrate south and their route is predictable. In fact, some come within walking distance of the lodge grounds. Non-resident hunts are available and we always practice ecological development as well as conservation on the hunts. You are welcome to join us or take a fishing vacation as well! Call 1-800-361-7177 for more information.

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Reindeer games: Caribou hunting 101

[Posted 1 Mar 2013 by Gary Gurke]

Caribou hunting usually requires traveling long distances to get to the general hunting grounds. Caribou are migratory animals that travel in herds, and they are pretty much constantly moving across a huge territory. One has to find a herd before bagging a trophy bull. Once getting his trophy, the hunter has to get it, and the meat, back to base camp and then home.

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The Best Guns for Big Game Caribou Hunting

[Posted 27 Feb 2013 by Gary Gurke]


There are woodland and mountain caribou, which are also called forest reindeer. These members of the deer family are larger than average deer. Both cows and bulls have large antlers and are big game to take down. For this, Caribou Hunting enthusiasts often need one of the best guns with the highest calibers available.

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Nueltin Fly-In Lodges provides more than a Canadian fishing trip, it's a Canadian fishing adventure. Come fish the pristine waters of Nueltin Lake for world class Lake Trout fishing, monster Northern Pike fishing, and scrappy Grayling fishing. Call Nueltin today! 800.361.7177

Nueltin Fly-In Lodges provides complete wilderness experiences and logistical services, the finest available in Canada, custom tailored to the requirements of the client. Nueltin is a proven world leader in sustainable development with respect to both natural and cultural environments. Nueltin continually redefines what a wilderness company can accomplish for our clients, staff and partners using our world class facilities, equipment and expertise.