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Nueltin Fly-in Lodges

Nueltin Fly-In Lodges, Ltd. PO Box 500
Alonsa, MB R0H 0A0


Doug and I had a really good week the end of June with 22 trophies caught for the week.

We had a great time at windy last week. pike fishing was very good as was the grayling fishing.

Hi Shawn, well needless to say I must Thank You and your Family very much for a most enjoyable trip!

For a Fishing Adventure of a Lifetime, Visit Nueltin Fly-In Lodges

For fishing lodges that provide more adventure than a run-of-the-mill Canadian fishing trip, come fish in the pristine waters at Nueltin Lake and stay at Nueltin Fly-In Lodges. We provide a complete wilderness experience as well as logistical services that are customized to the demands of the client. We offer world-class trout fishing, scrappy Grayling fishing and monster Northern Pike fishing. Our lodges are more than 200 miles from the nearest road or community; however, the Gurke Family will ensure your stay here will be one to remember for a lifetime! We employ a team of professionals that are capable of providing a one of a kind Canadian fishing adventure. For a rewarding and exciting adventure in the Canadian wilderness, call Nueltin today at 1-866-504-7907.

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What Makes Fishing Lodges an Ideal Outdoor Vacation?

[Posted 22 Mar 2013 by Nueltin Fly-in Lodges]

Check out the top reasons why the Nueltin fishing lodges makes the ideal destination for a vacation:

Family Values

The Nueltin Lodges' founders, the Gurke family are well-known. The Nueltin Fly-in Lodges have been in business for over 25 years, during which time the lodges have been providing guests with exceptional service. The Gurke family has made sure to instill certain family values in the employees in order to make the Nueltin the perfect vacation spot for guests.

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The Convenience of Staying at Fishing Lodges

[Posted 20 Feb 2013 by Nueltin Fly-in Lodges]


When it comes to fishing, the best results are often had at the break of dawn and at dusk. If you are driving in and out from a motel in the nearest town, you'll find that you have to get up ridiculously early to figure out when the fish are going to be biting. If you take accommodations at fishing lodges, you can simply get up and get on the water. You may be literally steps away from where you are fishing.

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Nueltin Fly-In Lodges provides more than a Canadian fishing trip, it's a Canadian fishing adventure. Come fish the pristine waters of Nueltin Lake for world class Lake Trout fishing, monster Northern Pike fishing, and scrappy Grayling fishing. Call Nueltin today! 800.361.7177

Nueltin Fly-In Lodges provides complete wilderness experiences and logistical services, the finest available in Canada, custom tailored to the requirements of the client. Nueltin is a proven world leader in sustainable development with respect to both natural and cultural environments. Nueltin continually redefines what a wilderness company can accomplish for our clients, staff and partners using our world class facilities, equipment and expertise.